"Reverse Discrimination" has become the war cry of all those racists trying to roll back civil rights gains won by Blacks and other oppressed nationalities in housing, education, employment, and every aspect of social life. The racists feel these things should only go to white males, and that "minorities" and women are taking them away from white men. Millions of white workers day-in and day-out are bombarded by this racist propaganda, and it is having a big impact. Many whites believe this lie of reverse discrimination against white people. This belief is embraced by many duped white workers, who consider "reverse discrimination" to be at least partly responsible for the economic problems so many of them are suffering from today. Such beliefs propelled Ronald Reagan to his two terms as U.S. president. Reagan tried to use this racist propaganda line to precipitate a rollback in the civil rights gains of oppressed nationalities.

The racists claim the concept of reverse discrimination suggests the wholesale discrimination against Blacks and other racially oppressed groups is a hoax. Baldly stated, the idea is that the passage of the 1964 Civil rights Act ended discrimination against Blacks, Latinos and other nationalities, and women, and now the law is discriminating against white people. The racists say racial minorities and women are the new privileged groups in American society. They are allegedly getting the pick of jobs, preferential college placements, the best housing, government grants, and so on at the expense of white workers. The racists say programs to end discrimination are not only unnecessary, but are actually attempts by minorities to gain power at the expense of white workers. They say Blacks and women do not want equality, but rather hegemony over white workers.

An Anarchist anti-racist movement would counter such propaganda and expose it as a ruling class weapon. The Civil Rights Act did not cause inflation by “excessive” spending on welfare, housing, or other social services. Further, Blacks aren’t discriminating against whites: whites are not being herded into ghetto housing; removed from or prohibited from entering professions; deprived of decent education; forced into malnutrition and early death; subjected to racial violence and police repression, forced to suffer disproportionate levels of unemployment, and other forms of racial oppression. But for Blacks the oppression starts with birth and childhood. Infant mortality rate is nearly three times that of whites, and it continues throughout their lives. The fact is “reverse discrimination” is a hoax. Anti-Black discrimination is not a thing of the past. It is the systematic, all pervasive reality today!

-  Lorenzo Komboa Ervin | Anarchism & the Black Revolution | The Myth of “Reverse Racism” (1979)

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Being haunted by desire of authenticity I take stealthy photos sometimes. I am interested to know how people read when they think nobody’s looking. The world surely does not exist for them at that moment.

A part of me loves this image for its composition, but another part of me is like ‘if someone tried to take a picture of me like this without my permission, I would be furious’… but then again it’s not particularly voyeuristic so…

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Isn’t amazing how people don’t give a shit about misogyny until they can accuse muslims of it in order to justify their islamaphobia?

I think you mean accuse extremist, not-even-truly-Islamic ’muslims’ of it in order to justify their Islamophobia; don’t confuse religion and politics! But yes. ^^This is true.

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Reasons why I’m excited for “Dear White People:”

  • Black actors portraying 3-dimensional characters
  • Honest social commentary
  • Targeted to the college age demographic
  • Thorough exploration of the various forms of racism in America
  • Tessa Thompson’s voice and Tyler William’s afro wig

Reasons why I’m not excited for “Dear White People:”

  • White people calling it racist
  • Mainstream media agreeing with the white people calling it racist
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tarot-sybarite: I missed this. What's "New Black"?










New Black is a term Pharrell Coined where he defines as black people beyond race. etc. "The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues”

Black twitter and tumblr dragged him in response and most of us use the term to describe black people that are so deluded by internalized racism and their class that they can no longer relate everyday black people even in the face of racism. 

For example; Keke Palmer, Don Lemon, Kanye West, Tamar Braxton, Morgan Freeman, etc

Zoe Saldana is another example.


Jhene Aiko

Childish Gambino




Keke Palmer

Stacey Dash aka She Who Must Not Be Named. I’m pretty sure we disowned her tho.

We did disown her, she’s been Dark White for quite some time now

Can we follow these up with sources? This feels a bit tabloid-y and like we’re mindlessly tearing down wealthy and/or successful PoC. 

Nelly, TI, and Zoe Saldana deserve to be right up front and center, but why are Kanye West or Childish Gambino on this?

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I don’t understand how all Muslims are called terrorists because of what one group of 19 extremist men did 13 years ago.

But white people aren’t called terrorists when they invaded their countries, killed millions of civilians, when they shoot up schools, shoot up movie theaters, and kill random POC. Isn’t that something.

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Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, have begun wearing body cameras after weeks of unrest over the shooting death of an unarmed black teen by a white officer and sharply differing accounts of the incident, officials said on Sunday.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot multiple times by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, sparking nearly three weeks of angry protests in the St. Louis suburb and drawing global attention to race relations in the United States.

Law enforcement and witnesses gave differing accounts of what transpired before Brown was shot, with police saying the teen had struggled with the officer. Witnesses say Brown held up his hands and was surrendering when he was shot multiple times in the head and chest.

The discrepancy has revived calls for officers across the county to be outfitted with body cameras to help capture an accurate record of police-involved incidents.

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1) You are allowed to take up space. You are a human.

2) You are allowed to have a voice.

3) You are allowed to leave whenever you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

4) You deserve more than someone who doesn’t know how to respect you.

5) You are allowed to put your own needs first.

6) You are allowed to love yourself.

- 6:11 p.m. (Six reminders for bad times)

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"I think every woman at one point or another in their life has been called a bitch. For a long time I had a real problem with that word, I didn’t like it and I thought it was derogatory. But I’ve gotten to a place now where I’ve made a lot of peace with it. It’s been so overused and made to seem so derogatory towards woman that I’ve adapted it into an empowering feeling for myself. If I’m a bitch then I’m a bitch, if that’s what an assertive woman is to you. So I’ve sort of adapted it as a badge of honor."



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Never hide your intellect

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if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands

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I will never not reblog this

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‘Men get raped and molested,’ should be a whole sentence. If you have to tack on the word ‘too,’ then you’re using the experience of male victims to silence females instead of giving them their own space.

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Not sure if I’ve reblogged this before but it always bears repeating.

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Another comic I started last night. This one is basically about what it was like being African American in high school, minus the supernatural transformation at the end.

This is awesome. 


This is perfect


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